William J. Stevens - Business Litigation Lawyer

Business & Real Estate Litigation

William J. Stevens has tried cases involving business break-ups, real estate disputes and valuation of security interests under the Uniform Commercial Code. His experience in civil litigation also includes investment litigation, enforcing corporate fiduciary duties, casualty defense, insurance litigation, employment discrimination, social security and bankruptcy.

Reported trial court cases include Chicago Freight Car Leasing v. Martin Marietta 66 F.R.D.400 (N.D.IL 1975) holding that cross-claim for indemnity is ripe but not compulsory, Proetz v. Dean Witter Reynolds,Inc.,(CCH) Commodity Futures L.R. Paragraph 24,178 (U.S. Dist. Ct. N.D.IL February 19,1988) when a complaint states a claim under the Commodity Futures Trading Act for churning, In re Joyce J. Schlangen 91 B. R. 834 (N.D.IL 1988) discussing Chapter 11 reorganizations. Battaglia v. Battaglia 231 Ill. App. 3rd 607, 596 NE 2d 712 (1st Dist. 1992) suit defining fiduciary duties of shareholders in attempting to gain corporate control. In re Corradini 276 B. R. 571 (W. D. Mich. 2002) litigated non-dis-chargeable debt under 11 USC § 523.

Bill's experience in bankruptcy court may help to solve your financial problems. If unemployment, illness, divorce or business failure has left you with more debt than you can pay, bankruptcy may be the answer. Bill's office is equipped with the latest bankruptcy software.

  • Business Break-ups
  • Enforce Fiduciary Duties
  • Commercial Fraud Suits
  • Valuation Litigation
  • Breach of Contract
  • Real Estate Injunctions
  • Bankruptcy